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Garrick is a visionary leader who guides others to complete tasks and projects while making sure all activities are ultimately guided by Christ. He tackles daunting projects and personalities with a smile, a kind word and determination. I’ve found Garrick to be honest, even when I didn’t want to hear honesty, and open to frank dialogue with those who have opposing views to his. He is not afraid to take on divisive issues, but does so with love.

Dr. Conner is a pastor to me, but most importantly he is a friend. He has encouraged my growth and development spiritually and professionally. He is one of the few pastors in the central Arkansas region who has continually promoted mental health awareness, ministry, and education for churches. He has dared to forge new ways of awareness and ministry towards reducing old taboos about Christians and depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders. Dr. Conner is an example of following the number one and number two commandments: He loves God with all he has, and he loves others sacrificially. In an age and culture of cynicism, dissension, and hostility, his love through humility, vision and action is most needed.