In the Works

Here are a few of the projects currently in progress:

  • Writing an article for FamilyLife Ministries’ online marriage resources
  • Writing a magazine article for the July edition of LifeWay’s Parenting Teens.
  • Coordinating several perspectives from teen guys about the pressures they feel in today’s culture. (Parenting Teens)
  • Writing an article on Child Abuse Awareness & Prevention for Arkansas Baptist News (specifically focused on church ministry implications)
  • Writing an online piece on Child Abuse Awareness & Prevention for About You Magazine and the Mental Health Guide (prevalence of abuse and how to make reports of abuse)
  • Writing an online article about understanding depression for the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the SBC
  • Writing a Volunteer Spotlight piece for STEP Ministries of North Little Rock
  • Writing a feature story on special needs ministry for the ERLC and ABN