Opioid Crisis

In October 2018, I led our church’s Celebrate Recovery ministry to host a community forum in response to the nation’s opioid crisis. This event was multi-faceted and required significant coordination and multiple levels of communication. Planning and promotion of the event included community professionals and non-profits, as well as local media.

In advance of the forum, I went to Mississippi to interview Linda Lary, a mother who lost her young adult son to opioid addiction. This personal and poignant story was published on the front page of the Arkansas Baptist News, our state’s largest religious periodical.

Linda joined us for the event and told her story — really, her son’s story — in an effort to raise awareness of the opioid problem even among the Christian community, and to point people to hope and healing.

This Monday evening event drew a crowd of more than 200. Through use of our church’s website and social media platforms, we have continued to speak into this important matter. As a result, we continued to receive positive feedback from our community for our ongoing efforts to educate and inform.

You can see event photos below:

It takes time and energy to host a meaningful community event, but with the right leadership team, any church or organization can do it. I’d love to talk with you about making your dreams a reality.